Fuji GFX100s - The 2 sec timer secret

My workflow creating Gigapixel images utilises a motorised Panohead that I program to create each image.  During my testing phase with my new Fuji GFX100s camera I came across odd looking image slice of my pano.  Parts of the image was distorted - like there was waves to the landscape.  In consultation with my fuji rep, we isolated it to movement during the exposure due to the way the image is read off the sensor.

 Now because my panohead and tripod are rock solid, I had to go on a hunt to find where the issue was originating.  I sometimes employ a 2 sec timer between sequences to allow for vibrations to settle before the shutter is released.  Out in the field I generally use the electronic shutter to avoid all vibrations from the shutter affecting the sharpness of the image, so being silent it was hard to perceive the beginning and ending of each exposure.  But I noticed that during a particularly long exposure the panohead was moving to the next image position before the electronic shutter â€‹had completed its exposure.  This led me to observe the 2 sec time countdown.  It then became obvious that the fuji software developers were counting down from 2 - 0, which is ok, but they were including the "0" in the countdown which then actually makes it 3 secs.  Once I compensated for the actual countdown timer it eliminated the issues I was facing with the pinhead moving before the exposure was complete.

 Do I mind a 3 second timer instead of 2?  Well not really, it just allows an extra second for everything to settle before the exposure is taken.  So the countdown timer available of the GFX is off, 2sec (actually 3sec), and 10sec.  So to me its not a big deal.  In fact I kind off appreciate it because sometimes a 2sec timer is just not long enough!


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